Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes 

The Independence Township Board of Trustees consists of 7 elected officials, specifically the Supervisor, the Clerk, the Treasurer, and 4 Trustees.  As full-time employees, the Supervisor, Clerk, and Treasurer, maintain offices at Township Hall. Their fiduciary responsibilities are detailed under their respective department from the above menu. The 4 Independence Township Board of Trustees are:

Jose Aliaga

Jose Aliaga, Trustee

Trustee Aliaga is serving his second term as Trustee. He has been a resident of Independence Township since 2000. Jose is a member of many church organizations.

Since emigrating from Peru 19 years ago, Trustee Aliaga has become a U.S. Citizen, and has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in History and Political Science from the University of Michigan. Trustee Aliaga currently works for Aliaga Development and Consulting, LLC and previously taught Spanish at Frankel Jewish Academy.

He hosts the Jose Aliaga Show on our local cable channel, helping our community by promoting businesses, local talent and ideas.

Phone: 248-736-7163

Paul Brown  Paul A. Brown, Trustee

Phone: 248-884-1900


Theresa (Terri) A. Nallamothu, Trustee

Trustee Nallamothu was born and raised in Michigan.  She has lived in Independence Township for 20 years with her husband Shivajee and their three children.  She has a BA from St. Mary’s College and a Master of Science in Health Care Administration from CMU.

Trustee Terri Nallamothu has been a Precinct Delegate for 4 terms.  She has also served as a District Liaison, volunteered on many campaigns and hosted many fundraisers for both charities and politicians in all levels of government.    

Trustee Nallamothu serves on many boards, including the McLaren Oakland Foundation Board and the Oakhurst Golf & Country Club Board of Governors.  She volunteers for non-profit Choices Detroit and has been involved with other charitable organizations, such as Lighthouse of Oakland County.   She has also been involved in many community events, parades and festivals. Trustee Nallamothu and her husband support many local charities and enjoy attending fundraisers together. 

Terri enjoys tennis, golf and spending time with friends and family. The Nallamothus’ are members of St. Daniel’s parish. Terri and her family all live, work, volunteer and play in the Township!

Phone: 248-892-0210

Ron Ritchie

Ronald A. Ritchie, Trustee

Trustee Ritchie and his family have resided in the Township since 1997. He has four children and eight grandchildren that all live in the area.

Although this is Trustee Ritchie's second term as Trustee, he previously served on the Planning Commission since 2008.  At this time, Trustee Ritchie serves as the Township Board's Planning Commission liaison. He also chairs the Township's Investment Advisory Committee, is member of the Audit Advisory Committee, the Election Commission, the Non-Union Employee Benefit Advisory Committee, the Safety Path Advisory Committee, and he represents the Township on the Van Norman Lake Improvement Board.

Trustee Ritchie worked for more than 30 years at Terry Machine Company, an automotive manufacturing company located on Dixie Highway in Waterford Township. He completed his career at Terry as the President and Managing Partner of the company. Trustee Ritchie is now employed as an Account Manager with KAMAX LP, a fastener manufacturer located in Troy, Michigan.

Phone: 248-821-7100