Operation Medicine Cabinet: Prescription Take-Back Program

Operation Medicine Cabinet: Prescription Take-Back Program

The Independence Township Sheriff’s Office is a proud partner in Operation Medicine Cabinet. Anyone wishing to dispose of unused prescription medications (no liquids, inhalers or sharps) may bring them to the Substation (6560 Citation Drive) Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM or by appointment. For more information, contact: 248-620-4968.

Vacationing the Earth-Friendly Way

Independence Townwship has dedicated itself to protecting and enhancing the Clinton River. We want to make sure our residents are kept well-informed of any potential actions that may harm the waterways of the State. Many of you may be planning to take vacations this summer, and will be traveling in recreational vehicles (RVs). There are many things to think about when taking care of your RV, but here’s one more that we’d like you to ponder.

We know you wouldn't drive to the beach and empty your RV's waste tank into the ocean. (We hope not!) But did you know it is illegal to dump sewage into a storm drain? The sewage will end up in the lakes and rivers or contaminate our groundwater and the water we drink.

We want RV owners to enjoy the environment while they are vacationing, and leave it in good shape for their next visit. So for your convenience, we've provided locations for legal, approved sewage disposal facilities. Please call the facility you are interested in to verify the hours of operation and the disposal fees.

Protect the environment while you enjoy it! Make sure you dispose of waste properly and take it to a disposal facility.


The following facilities in the area accept recreational vehicle waste:

  •  SE Oakland County – 29132 Stephenson Highway, Madison Heights. FREE!  248-544-4694, open 7:30-3:30, Monday-Friday (except when raining).
  •  A&S RV Center Inc – 2375 Opdyke, Auburn Hills. $7.00 per load.  248-373-5811; please call for hours.
  •  Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant – 9300 West Jefferson, Detroit.

When out of the area, please find a proper disposal facility. Visit the RV Dumps Station website at:www.rvdumps.com for more details